Software to be installed

  • Arduino IDE
  • Atom text editor
  • PlatformIO IDE
  • GNUPlot

Arduino IDE

Arduino UNO is a microcontroller programmable in C and C++. You'll get started with it using the Arduino IDE, and then move on to Atom for more sophisticated programs.

Download and install the Arduino IDE. Link

Atom or VSCode

Atom is a multiplatform text editor developed by GitHub. Download and install it. Link

VSCode is an IDE developed by Microsoft. You can use it instead of Atom. Link

PlatformIO IDE

Platform is an IDE developed by PlatformIO and supports several microcontrollers including Arduino UNO. Platform comes with build and debug tools and supports programming in C++.



GNUPlot is an amazing tool to plot data. The plot can be customised in various ways and GNUPlot can process large amounts of data. Excel freezes when using large amounts of data.

Google the instructions to install GNUPlot for your operating system.